Friday, August 14, 2009

Thinking DEFENSE....

When an intruder or a group of home-invaders enter your home, it's too late to think of home defense then.

The time to think of home and personal defense is NOW.

A good first line of defense is a good electronic home security system. Make sure you get every entry point, including all cellar windows covered. Consider adding some basic audio-video surveillance equipment to the mix. Yes, you do have to be able to "afford this," BUT the cost is generally pretty reasonable and it's well worth the cost....especially in an emergency.

Good interior doors and decent interior locks are also good things to have, but fewer and fewer homes have those now-a-days. Most interior doors are cheap flush luan doors and the locking mechanisms are pathetic. Even a ten y/o can get through most interior door locks.

I have some ideas for improving interior defense, but I'll get to that later on in this blog.

Finally, we come down to that FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE - YOU.

YOU must be willing to defend yourself, your property and your family at all costs and with all the energy and passion you can muster....your life and thiers may well depend on that.

IF you can stall for time, or talk your way out of a violent confrontation, by all means DO THAT, but often that won't be an option.

In that case, you MUST be ready and willing to engage in violence.

Often a violent response by a would-be victim gives the would-be victim the "element of surprise," which can often be enough.

For ANYONE being attacked, the first thing to think of is KEY SPOTS or "target areas" - think EYES, THROAT, NADS and FEET. Go for an assailants eyes, throat, gonads or balls and finally feet. Especially women wearing a heeled shoe, stomping down hard on the foot of someone who grabs you can often be enough to persuade that assailant to back off and choose another target. The second thing to think of is WEAPONRY. Fortunately, virtually ANYTHING can be turned into a weapon, if one chooses to use it that way. What you have to remember is that it's vital for YOU to fight back as though your life depended on it...because most of the time, IT DOES

The PEN is often mightier than the SWORD

One readilly available tool that is almost ubiquitously available and can be used as a weapon is the simple ballpoint pen. Slamming a simple ballpoint pen into an assailants eyes, throat or torso can often deliver MAXIMUM damage with a MINIMUM amount of time and effort.

YOU need to want to deliver as much damage as efficiently as possible because that's exactly what your attacker is intent on doing.

As the great Ted Nugent says, "I'd rather see dead offenders, rather than repeat offenders." You should too.

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  1. Yeah! Electronic home security system may help protect your home from invaders. Also, you must consider fixing the locks of your windows and doors because these are obviously the target of any thief. Self-defense techniques are really useful not only for security guards, police, and militaries because you can't guess when you will encounter attacks from intruders or thieves. So it is better that you know some self-defense techniques for protecting yourself.

    Dave Mathews