Friday, August 14, 2009

Violent Self Defense - There's NO Other Kind....

If you've taken on the responsibilities of property ownership or have forged a family, YOU are the FIRST LINE of defense, whether you know it or not.

YOU not only have an INNATE and NATURAL "RIGHT" to self defense, YOU have a duty to protect what is yours. If another person wants to take control/owenrship of your property against your will, there is only one way for you to respond - with violence.

The other person has already thought their position out, you have no time to think yourss out.

YOU have to get them before they, as they say, get you.

Self defense is both an art and a science.

At its simplesst, self defense comes down to inflicting the MOST DAMAGE to your assailant in the MINIMAL amount of time and with the MINIMAL amount of effort.

This blog is dedicated to helping people defend themselves and what's theirs.

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